Travel Assistance Plan

As a member, you receive the following services through the Travel Assistance Program when traveling more than one hundred (100) miles from your permanent residence.

  • Emergency Evacuation/ Repatriation. If a member suffers an illness or injury while traveling over 100 miles away from home, and cannot be treated by a local medical facility, the member is transported by the most appropriate means to the nearest hospital capable of providing necessary treatment.
  • Transportation of Mortal Remains. If a member loses his/ her life while traveling more than 100 miles from home, the member's remains will be returned to the member's place of residence.
  • Transportation of Escort. If the member needs emergency evacuation by air ambulance or repatriation by covered commercial airline, the member's spouse, other family member, or companion is free to accompany the member in flight, subject to space availability with priority given to medical equipment and personnel.
  • Family Visitation. If a member is traveling alone and is expected to be hospitalized for more than 7 days, the spouse or another family member will be flown in to be with the member. Also, expenses for accommodations and transportation during their stay, up to $100.00 per day for 10 days, are provided.
  • Minor Children Return/ Escort. If a member requires emergency evacuation, hospitalization for over 24 hours, or in the event of death, and the minor children are left unattended, transportation home is furnished for them.
  • Vehicle Return.The Travel Assist Provider will return the member's vehicle home and bear the cost up to $1,000.00 when illness, injury, or death requires emergency evacuation or repatriation and the member is unable to drive the vehicle.
  • 24-hour Information Service. Helpful information before and during travel is available to the member. The multilingual staff is prepared to assist and coordinate the management of a wide variety of travel related situations. Services include information on required documents, immunization requirements, State Department Travel Advisory warnings, weather and hazard information about foreign locations and more.
  • Medical Monitoring. If a member needs to be medically monitored, the Travel Assist Provider's duty physician will monitor the case, while acting as a liason between the member, the local treating physicain, and the family physician as needed.
  • Medical Referral.The Travel Assist Provider will arrange referrals to a local doctor of hospital, when a member needs help in locating a doctor or hospital while traveling.
  • Guarantee of Medical Expenses. If a member needs help for overseas claims, the Travel Assist Provider will arrange for a payment or guarantee of payment to providers.
  • Insurance Coordination. If a member needs help for overseas claims, the Travel Assist Provider will assist in coordinating claims procedure with the appropriate insurance program.
  • Lost Documentation Service. If a member needs help to replace lost or stolen travel documents (i.e., passport, baggage, tickets, credit cards, etc.), the Travel Assist Provider will advise and assist where possible in their replacement.
  • Legal Assistance. If a member needs help finding a local attorney or embassy, arranging bail, cash advances, or coordination of payment for legal services from available resources of the traveler, the Travel Assist Provider will arrange referrals.
  • Emergency Delivery of Prescription Items. If a member needs prescription medication or lenses not available locally, the Travel Assist Provider will organize delivery of the prescribed item when possible and legally permissible, to the member upon written authorization of the prescribing physician.
  • Emergency Cash Transfer and Advances. The Travel Assist Provider will arrange for emergency cash advances and transfers through additional sources including hotels, banks, Western Union, etc. if a member needs cash as a result of loss or theft. Limit of $500 per transaction.

This is NOT insurance.
This is NOT available to Connecticut and Florida residents.